On June 29 Grammy and IBMA award winning singer/songwriter Nicole Witt has been mentoring and coaching songwriters and artists for 10 years. She’ll teachon the basic fundamentals of songwriting, and you’ll hear about her favorite topic – the last 10%! Songwriting Workshop is at 3:00pm in the Meadows Theater followed by the Concert; featuring Nicole along with Sundi Jo, Natalie Witt and Cheyenne Medders at 7:00pm in the Sun Theater!

International renowned Lisa Cheryl Thomas (Dances with Ivory in Cherokee) will be performing at the Sun Theater July 9-13 in buckskin and fancy shawl regalia a beautiful Native American music and culture concert with grand piano, Native flutes, wind chimes, rain stick, drum, and voice, quoting original tribal melodies of many different tribes and using ethereal effects with the strings and pedals of the piano and other instruments, Native storytelling, and poetry, accompanied by color artwork slides of the cultural background of each selection.

“On Fire” The Jerry Lee Lewis story featuring David Brooks. David will reprise his iconic performance as Jerry Lee Lewis from “The Million Dollar Quartet.” David is Branson’s favorite piano man performer. He captivates audiences with his brash style and bold presence on stage. This concert experience will leave you breathless as David Brooks brings The Killer to life. Fronting his live band, along with Branson’s award winning singer Phaedra Clemons, is his familiar brand of in-your-face talent and unforgettable style. David Brooks is “On Fire” at The Sun Theater located in The Shoppes at Branson Meadows.